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Mary Zimbalist : Biography :  Krishnamurti

In 1964, Mary began assisting Krishnamurti intermittently and in small ways, but that relationship grew to Mary’s being an indispensable part of Krishnamurti’s work. While she called herself “an assistant,” it is impossible to imagine what became the full expression of Krishnamurti’s mature teachings without her. Mary was a fundamental part of Krishnamurti extricating himself from the confines of people and organizations which had illegally taken over his copyright and the schools he founded. Mary was Krishnamurti’s closest friend and most trusted advisor in his creating new trusts, foundations, and schools in America, England, and India. Mary remained an active and beloved figure, known for her thoughtfulness, dedication, generosity, and grace, in all the organizations that represented Krishnamurti until the end of her life.

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